This may be the first time you have considered renting an apartment and organising your own flights and may be a litttle apprehensive about it. Perhaps this page can help to convince you of the benefits of independent travel.

As an example of how much money you can save by going it alone, the following illustration is based on 4 adults sharing our apartment. If 4 adults were to book 7 nights holiday in a 2 bedroomed self catering apartment in Cyprus in August through a travel company they would pay approx £800 each plus £10 per person per night supplement for under occupancy and a flight supplement of £20 making a total of £890 each and £3560 for the party.


Now we know that the average cost of a flight in peak season is approx £250* and that would probably be a scheduled flight, therefore, if we assume that the flight cost for 4 is £1000, then this company is letting that apartment for £2560 for the week.

In comparison, our apartment would cost £400 for the week making a total holiday bill of £1400 which leaves you with £2160 to spend on your holiday - you can buy an awful lot of brandy sours for £2210 (£552 each). Remember these prices are based on what we think is a very expensive flight package so the cheaper you can get the flight the more you will save. Check out our flights page for details.

You may think that we scoured the brochures looking for the most expensive apartments we could find. Not true! The prices quoted were taken from the first brochure we looked at and if you don't believe us then take a look at some holiday brochures and check out prices for yourselves!

*Flight prices to Cyprus vary between £99 and £299 depending on time of year but on average cost approx £200 per person.